Carry out a risk assessment in the most efficient and practical way!

Risk assessment’s importance is undeniable: it allows you to identify and understand potential threats to your budget and timescales, to protect your business and increase your team's chance of success.
However, to really add value, the process has to be thorough and visible, and correct.
Because the reality is that risk assessment is not always embraced by the project teams, since they often look at it as something that will bring no added value to the project.

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White Box by BOLD is the solution to this problem. An innovative risk assessment tool, all about collaboration between team members, and a practical way of assessing risk. Here is how it works:

  • hands Balances contingency
  • graphic Informs risk attitude
  • consequence Supports decisions
  • reply Helps set realistic stakeholders expectations
  • track Gives meaningful assessments

The final document will communicate the team's beliefs about the risks the project might face and, based on that, you can identify a balanced contingency plan, with the actions that should be taken when certain warning signs are detected, the resources that will be needed and how the actions will be carried out.


Different people may have different risk attitudes: different beliefs about the potential risks. White Box’s risk assessment takes into account everyone’s opinion about the risks the business might face: you will know your team members’ attitude towards risk and have a better understanding of how those risks could be faced.


By providing you with relevant information about ranges of expectation, consequences, correlations, details of mitigation and expected effectiveness, for example, and by tracking how the assessments change throughout your project’s life, this tool will give you more confidence in your decision¬ making process.


Our project risk assessment is based on communication between team members. This means they will understand the risks, ensuring that stakeholders have a clear and correct perception of the potential risks and consequences. This way, you will be fighting the common stakeholders’ interest in risk being exaggerated or downplayed.


White Box by BOLD will provide you with an easy to understand, clear and realistic assessment that will reflect the team’s view on the risk to the project. This assessment is updated according to the project progress, and can always be used by the team as the reflection of where the project or business is there and then.

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